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Hayleigh & Alex

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

5.14.2022 | The Westside Warehouse

How We Met

Like many of our brides, Hayleigh found us through a previous bride – this time it was through Marmaros’ own Sarah Norton! Sarah & Hayleigh swam together in high school, and through the ever faithful Instagram, Hayleigh reached out to Sarah asking if she would coordinate her wedding!

Love Story

We love hearing how our couples fell in love - especially when it starts as funny and unique as Hayleigh & Alex's is! Come read how these two cuties fell in love!

"Hayleigh and Alex met through Alex's sister, Kelsey. Kelsey and Hayleigh were 'twin flames', and when Alex moved back to Atlanta after living out of state, he needed an introduction to the city's social scene. Eventually, after tagging along with them weekend after weekend, Alex asked Hayleigh out on a date (in the form of "let me take you out for your birthday") to one of their favorite mid-week trivia spots, Cypress St. Pint & Plate. They ate, drank, talked, and shut the place down. In Alex's eyes, it was a success. Come to find out, Hayleigh didn't know it was a date. A few more 'attempted' dates later, Hayleigh and Alex were an item. Their love of craft beer, Braves games, comedy, and shows brought them closer together, but it was the Personality Test results that solidified their relationship (ask the bride for details on this one, she's confident this sealed their fate). The two are the epitome of Yin and Yang; their contrast keeps the relationship interesting, but their complementary traits bring out the best in each of them. Hayleigh and Alex have two dogs, Zambini and Gigi, and a new home in SW Atlanta near the Westside Beltline"

Down to Business

Planning with Hayleigh and Alex was an absolute delight– the first meeting was so fun because it was a chance for Sarah & Hayleigh to reconnect! They discussed some of the old memories from high school and Sarah got to meet Alex (she agrees that he is the perfect match to Hayleigh). Hayleigh and Alex were both eager to get down to planning, as they wanted all of the tips & tricks Sarah could provide.

Alex & Hayleigh were both heavily involved in the planning process and added many of their own personal touches to the day. They also wanted to maximize the party, so planning everything to a T was important! Many of the calls came between fun trips that the couples went on together, was full of laughs and jokes, and always included at least one cameo from Zambini or Gigi.

The Big Day

Because of all of the help that Hayleigh & Alex received from their amazing friends on their big day, Sarah and Olivia from Marmaros arrived at The Westside Warehouse to a room completely set up and ready for the ceremony. All of the beautiful chairs from Un4gettable Designz were ready for guests to arrive– even all of the tables were set with the handmade table numbers and centerpieces (featuring beautiful flowers from Carither’s Flowers) waiting for the room flip! Sarah & Olivia confirmed everything was set up as the couple intended and wrapped some special presents for the bridal party and waited for the bridal party to arrive for pictures. Once Hayleigh and her bridal party arrived, they got dressed and took some pictures together (including a sweet first look with her dad)! The girls were gorgeous with hair and make-up done by Brittiana J. Hayleigh's dress from Aisle and Veil was stunning and Lace Alterations altered it to perfection! Their photographer, Kevin Nguyen was knocking out photos and before we knew it, guests were arriving for the ceremony!

The ceremony was officiated by Hayleigh’s friend from high school, Tyler Raeford, and because of his long-time connection with Hayleigh and his subsequent friendship with Alex, the ceremony was filled with sweet anecdotes and funny moments. Hayleigh & Alex both wrote their own vows, and both of them spoke about how they were each other’s best match. They ended the ceremony with a unity shot where they both took a shot of vodka poured by their partner in order to start their marriage off in style!

After a beautiful cocktail hour where guests snacked on boiled peanuts (a nod to Hayleigh & Alex’s love for Braves baseball) and played tabletop games, the bridal party was announced by DJ I-20, ending with the first announcement of Mr. & Mrs. Alex & Hayleigh McDavid! After their first dance to a version of “You Are My Sunshine” by Chris & Morgan Stapleton, the couple welcomed their family and friends to their special day. They then presented their wedding party with a special gift – a Smirnoff ICE! For those who do not know, if you are “Iced”, you have to chug the drink immediately. Luckily all of their friends are always down for a good time, and they kicked off the party! All of the food from Socks Love BBQ was a hit with the guests, and cake was cookie cake from Great American Cookie (a classic). After the special parent dances and sweet toasts from the maids of honor and best man, the party got started! The couple wanted to make sure all of their friends had a great time, and they did. Drinks were flowing courtesy of AMaysing Mixtures until the sparkler send-off at the end of the night!

Something Spectacular

Alex was the big planner of the couple – he even created inventory lists! But the highlight of the day was Alex’s handmade wooden arch for the altar and the neon sign that hung behind their sweetheart table!

Raving Reviews

"We cannot say enough kind words about Sarah and the Marmaros team. From the time we signed with them months before our wedding to the very end of the big night, they were 100% all in. Not only did we enjoy working with Sarah in the prep meetings, but it was obvious Marmaros had a plan and stuck to it. Sarah went above and beyond to make sure we had peace of mind going into, and throughout, our day. If we could give more than 5 stars, we would!

Marmaros’ strong suits are communication, punctuality, and really understanding what a couple wants out of their wedding day. They help things move along flawlessly."

Happily Ever After

As someone who knew Hayleigh since high school, Sarah was so honored that Hayleigh and Alex trusted her with their day. It was so special to see this new chapter beginning and help make sure their vision came to life. We wish only the best for this fun and vibrant couple!

All Hands on Deck

Venue: Westside Warehouse

Photographer: Kevin Nguyen

Hair & Makeup: Brit Tiana J

Florist: Carithers Flowers

DJ: DJ I-20

Catering: Socks Love BBQ

Cookie Cake: Great American Cookie

Officiant: Tyler Raeford

Rentals: Unforgettable Designz

Bartender: AMaysing Mixtures

Dress Shop: Aisle & Veil

Dress Alterations: Lace Alterations

Groomsmen Tux Shop: SuitShop

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